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Dale Roberts


The work that I am currently engaged in is the pursuit of a direct reaction to the physical, visible world. I Paint from life, with the aim of producing an evocative result using paint as a metaphor to stand for what is seen and felt. The principle medium with which I carry out my major work is Encaustic, a paint I make in the studio from dry pigment, dammar resin and beeswax. The character of the medium, and the methods I have developed to use it have become integral to my interpretation of themes and subject. The landscape with all the changes of climate, light, qualities of space and texture has become my primary source of inspiration. Often that landscape becomes more interesting when punctuated or even violated by man- made structures and changes. The permanence of encaustic, its tactile qualities and rare qualities of luminosity make the medium well suited to the concerns and emphasis I wish to impart to my work. It is my hope to reward the viewer on many levels both visually and viscerally as they spend time considering the paintings I’ve produced.